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Special offer ends on April 30th

For the next five days I'm offering a special deal on my infamous I are a writer! mug/Fur-Face eBook-on-a-CD combo. It's usually $12.95, but order between now and midnight (US/Eastern) this coming Saturday (April 30th*) and get it delivered anywhere in the USA for just $9.95 (Price includes NJ Sales tax, P&P and USPS tracking). 

Sick of people smirking when you tell them you're a writer?

Tired of folks asking if you're serious about your 'little hobby'?

Now you can shut them up without saying a single word. Just smile back at them over your I are a writer! mug and watch those smug grins morph into looks of amazement. 


* All CDs ordered as part of this offer also qualify for entry in the Win-A-Kindle prize draw.

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