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Six things my old gran would say to me if she were alive today

Today's my birthday. If I hadn't long since decided to stay a youthful (if somewhat unfeasible) 'twenty nine' I'd be hitting my half century. Naturally on a day like this, my thoughts turn to the people who influenced my life (many of whom are no longer with us) and what they'd have to say about me reaching the five decade milestone.

Six things my old gran would say to me if she were alive today

1: I bought a big present for my favorite grandson. Where is your brother?

2: At last, your age matches your I.Q.

3: I can't believe you're fifty? You look so much older.  

4:  I invited all your friends over to help you celebrate, but he couldn't make it.

5: Get your hair cut.

6: How come you never call me anymore?

I have a great family evening planned involving cake, Chinese food and the latest Harry Potter DVD. Here's hoping your day turns out as well as mine.

Sunday April 17th, 6:45am: ETA
Thank you so much for all the kind words people sent me yesterday. It was a lovely surprise coming back after a day offline to find hundreds of birthday messages from my facebook/Live Journal friends sitting in my inbox.
You made an old man very happy :)


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