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Interesting posts about writing – w/e April 8th 2011

Here’s my selection of interesting (and sometimes amusing) posts about writing from the last week: 
Getting to know you - Meeting the main characters for the first time (J. L. Walters)

Who Should Have the ‘Indie’ Label: Self-Publishers or Small Presses?
(Nathan Bransford) 

When They Say No
(Catherine West)
The Worst Writing Advice (Patty Jansen)

7 Things I’ve Learned so Far (Simon Morden)

Writing Likeable Characters (Elise Broach)

Beautifully Written (Donald Maass)

Lies (Dishonest) Fee-Charging Publishers Tell (Victoria Strauss)

Distraction (Jennifer R. Hubbard aka writerjenn )

If you found these useful, you may also like
my personal selection of the most interesting blog posts from 2010 and last week’s list.


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