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2011 Puddle for Best Short Story Title: Last chance to vote in the qualifiers

Today's the last day to vote in the qualifying rounds for this year's Meager Puddle of Limelight Award for Best Short Story Title. You can vote for as many entries as you like in each round (you'll need an LJ account to vote, but they're free)...

The winners of rounds 1-6 automatically make the cut. The 2nd place finishers go forward into Round 7 to battle it out for the last place in the final. In the case of a tie, both (or all) tied entries go through.

If you haven't already voted in the qualifying rounds, here's where you can find them:

Round one
Round two
Round three
Round four
Round five
Round six
Round seven (not yet open)

Voting in Rounds 1 through six will close at 6:00pm today (US/Eastern). Round seven starts next week.

Good luck to all who take part! Vene, vidi, puddli!


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