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What have Jon Gibbs, Kevin Bacon and Gary Sinise got in common?

A quick trivia question to get those little brain cells working this morning:

What have Jon Gibbs, James Gandolfini, Tim McGraw, Angela Bassett, Mario Lopez, Gary Sinise and Kevin Bacon got in common ?

Give up?

Okay, I'll tell you. We've all been interviewed by the lovely Dina Santorelli at some point in our careers.

When she's not working on her latest novel, Dina works as the executive editor of two lifestyle magazines for the military market (Family and Salute). Whether my name will one day join the impressive roster of big names she mentions interviewing on the 'About Dina' page on her website remains to be seen, but I certainly had fun answering her questions for the interview she just posted on her blog.

If you'd like to read the results of our little Q&A session, please click here.

If you'd like to commiserate with Dina for the sudden drop in the calibre of her interviewees, I quite understand. 


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