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How do you deal with trolls?

The vast majority of people I've come into contact with online are decent, well-mannered folks. Even though I disagree with some folks on certain things, and have completely opposing views on others, I've never had any problems with anyone, until today, when I met my first Troll.

To me, a Troll (or as my old gran would have put it: 'A beligerent git') is someone who posts antagonistic, often insulting, comments with the sole aim of provoking a reaction. This particular troll posted a comment after I linked to my 'Picks of the week' list from one of the writing communities I'm in.

'You're a damn liar,' he/she said, 'those weren't interesting at all,'

My first reaction was to laugh. I don''t know this person, and although it bothers me to think I might have upset someone, I've long since learned that some folks just like to confront others, for no other reason than it makes them feel good. 

I thought about simply ignoring or deleting the comment. My inner gran suggested a sarcastic reply, perhaps including a promise to try to include posts with more pictures in next time, but in the end I settled for a 'sorry you feel that way' response.

How about you?

What do you do when confronted with a Troll online?
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