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No writing-type writing today. I need to recharge the old emotional batteries.

Spent the morning with my two daughters, attending a ‘meet the class’ get together at their new school. They were nervous at first, just as I’m sure normal fourteen-year-olds would have been. They met their teachers and classroom assistants, as well as the other children who’ll be in their high school, special needs class next year. After a while, they started to relax, and by the time the teacher formed everyone into a circle to take part in the Macarena and The Birdie Dance, both girls where having a great time.

Afterwards, they had pizza and cake (always popular), before I took them back to their current school.

These sort of events are bittersweet to me. I know the girls will be happy there.  The teaching staff seem like wonderful people, and the other kids are truly delightful. But when I hear someone ask my daughters a simple question like ‘What do you like to do in the Summer?’ and they have no clue what's been asked, or how to answer, it’s a harsh reminder of just how far from ‘normal’ they are.

On the bright side, it helps me put any day-to-day worries I have into perspective, and later, I'm sure that's how I'll feel, but right now, I don't feel like my usual chirpy self.

Like the heading says, bleagh.  I'm taking the rest of the day off.

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