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What do you like to hear visiting writers talk about?

Yesterday, I drove down to Manchester, New Jersey, to give my very first solo presentation about writing. I was invited by Walter Giersbach, who runs the
Manchester (NJ) Writers’ Circle at the town library. He asked me to talk about how I’ve gone about marketing my debut novel, Fur-Face, since its infliction on an unsuspecting public last June.
I can’t speak for the audience, but I had a great time. Nobody threw anything and the group asked lots of interesting questions. Afterwards, some folks even bought my Fur-Face CD, which was icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned.
In the weeks running up to my talk, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I’d done to promote Fur-Face that worked, and what I should (or could) have done but didn’t, as well as what mistakes I’d made. I’ll definitely write a blog post about my thoughts/experiences on marketing an eBook soon.
On the drive home, I found myself wondering about some of the other subjects which writing groups might find interesting. I’m always looking for topics we can use for panel/Q&A events organized through
The New Jersey Authors’ Network, and of course, future solo appearances. 
So my question for today is: What do you like to hear visiting writers talk about?

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