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What's this about?
Everyone knows a great title is an excellent way to pull someone into a story, but now it can bring you fame and fortune too!

Okay, maybe not 'fame' exactly (and to be honest, not fortune either), but it can win you a Meager Puddle of Limelight Award as well as an I are a writer! mug/Fur-Face CD combo. 


How can I enter?
It's easy peasy. You can submit up to three short story (including flash fiction*) titles. They can be from finished stories or WiPs, but please note: they must be your own work. Put your entries in a comment below or send them to me within a separate message under the heading: 2010 PUDDLE FOR BEST SHORT STORY TITLE. I'll screen all comments when the contest submission period closes on Sunday, February 20th.

*Please note: I've combined the 'Best Short Story Title' & Best Flash Fiction Title Awards this year

What do I win?
well, aside from the mug and CD, winners get to bask in the meager puddle of limelight which my journal can provide. I'll post an interview with the top two finalists here on An Englishman in New Jersey. In addition, the winner gets the opportunity to do a guest blog here if they want.

I don’t have a Live Journal account. Can I still enter?
Sure, but you’ll need an LJ account to vote for anything. And if you enter by anonymous comment, don't forget to leave your name and website/email address so I can contact you if needed.

Do you plan to enter your own stuff, Jon?
Sadly, no. I've excluded myself from the competition.

How will the winner be selected?
As with
last year's contest, entries will be voted on by your LJ peers in secret ballots. I'll explain the process in more detail later.

What’s the closing date for entries?

To be considered for the 2011 Meager Puddle of Limelight Awards for ‘Best Short Story Title’ please submit your entries by 3:00pm on Sunday, February 20th (US/Eastern time).

ETA: The entry doors are now closed. I've screened everyone's comments until after the contest ends. Round one coming soon :)

Sure, the Puddles may not be as prestigious as a Hugo or the like, but any award voted for by your peers is one worth having. Besides, just like those shiny diamonds people like to sing about, bragging rights are forever.

Voting has started:

Round one
Round two
Round three
Round four

Round five
Round seven

Good luck to all who take part, or as previous contestants might say:

Vene, vidi, puddli!   



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Feb. 15th, 2011 11:46 am (UTC)
Best of luck, Mary :)

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