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Spam comments and unwanted phone calls

I hope I'm not tempting fate when I say I've seen a significant drop in the number of spam coments here on LJ in the last week. Kudos to those unsung heroes, the Oompah Loompahs of Live Journal, who no doubt labored away behind the scenes to fix the problem. Thanks, guys (and gals), your hard work is much appreciated.

Speaking of unwanted comments. Ever since I registered as a business (for writing-related tax purposes), I've had about a dozen or more phone calls at home every day, all of them from telemarketers trying to sell me bank loans and merchant-related stuff. I like to think I'm an affable fellow, but I must say, they got quite irritating after a while - not least because a lot of them seem to think that ignoring my request to stop calling and simply ploughing along with their list of standard questions is somehow going to change my mind.

I'm delighted to to say I found a solution which (so far) seems to have put a stop to them. The National 'Do Not Call' Registry is a list of phone numbers which telemarketers are forbidden to call. Registration is free. I signed up the other day and since then, those pesky purveyors of products sold over-the-phone have almost completely left me alone. One merchant service did call last night, but when I mentioned the DNC registry and asked him to spell his company's name the man who called couldn't apologize enough and promised to update his records.

The DNC registry is free to join, if you're getting pestered with unwanted sales calls at home, I highly recommend signing up. 

If you're outside the US and there's something similar where you live, feel free to add a link to that site in the comments. I'll post it below.

Here's the link to The US 'Do Not Call' registry:



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