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Here are the answers to last month’s quiz:

1: They break your spirits. GHOST BUSTERS


2: One wind-up fruit, of a color that’s hard to rhyme with. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE


3: A taxi’s cheer. [Cab hooray] becomes CABARET


4: Zee unschooled Londoner might think this is French for “horse.” GIGI


5: You’d get this if Sir Lancelot went to see the Phantom. A [K]NIGHT AT THE OPERA


6: Rise up against ‘the man’ for no particular reason. REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE


7: Stay hidden and get sewing. LILO AND STITCH


8: Not a lot of people know that Maurice Micklewhite [better known as Michael Caine]
    led this revolt. THE CAINE MUTINY


9: What you would call the fear of Atilla and two of his pals. 
[Three hun dread] 300


10: Unusual lobes on the sides of the locomotive. 
                              [Strange ears on a train] STRANGERS ON A TRAIN


11: The woman who marries the one they call ‘The doctor’ [aka Doctor Who] would
       be known as this. THE TIME TRAVELLER’S WIFE


12: In London they tell you smoking’s bad for your [health]. ELF 


13: What Abraham Lincoln would be, if he started on a new book today. GHOST RIDER


14: At the time of posting, we’d be talking about this coming Monday. 
                                                                           THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW


15: When looking for Tolkein’s ‘Ranger from the north’ [Aragorn] on Yahoo, bad 
      spellers often find this instead. ERAGON


16: Parents hope their kids do this at college. GET SMART


17: A hirsute golf club [hairy putter], together with the smell from the burning bird. 
                                                        HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX


18: The people who marked the calendar before anybody knew about it. PREDATORS


19: Echoing birds from Jamaica, as far from the earth’s beginning as they can get. 
                                                             PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END



20: ‘Which person put this jolly bunny in the picture?’ WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?

The first person to get all the answers correct was starry_diadem, who wins a copy of Fur-Face on CD. I used the random number generator thingy (over at to select the winner of the second prize from among the other entrants who also scored 100%. The winner of the other Fur-Face CD is brennayovanoff
Congratulations to the two prize winners and a big 'Thank you' to all those who took part.

I’m still experimenting with the format of these quizzes. Next time, the answers will be well known song titles (I plan to use book titles at some point too). I think I’ll use less questions, but keep the erroneous answers in.
Next up on the contest front, is the Meager Puddle of Limelight Award for Best Short Story Title: 2011.
In the meantime, I leave you with the most delightful TV advertisement I’ve seen in many a long year (by way of Berrien C. Henderson, aka selfavowedgeek

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