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Bram Stoker Award Winner Coming to the GSHW

Looking forward to the next GSHW meeting (Saturday, June 13th), where Bram Stoker Award winner, Jack Passarella, will give his presentation: Leveraging the Internet - A practical guide to online self-promotion for writers.

Author of many books, including several for the Buffy and Angel franchises, I read his first novel, Wither, last week.  I can see why it won the aforementioned award, as well as a contract from Columbia Pictures (who bought the option for the movie rights).

If you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading his work, Jack's latest offering, Shimmer, is available for FREE download as a serialized ebook.

Open to non-members, Jack's presentation takes place at Monmouth County Library (HQ), 125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan, Monmouth County .  It starts at noon. 

Hope to see you there.
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