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Interesting Blog Posts from the last week - May 29th

People seemed to like the list of recommended blog posts about writing, writers, and the publishing industry as a whole that I put up last week, so I’ve decided to make it a regular Friday thing. As before, the links below are to ones I found particularly interesting, or made me lol, out loud 

On a seperate note.  Am I the only one who can't get lj-cut to work, either in Rich Text, or html?  Anyway, here are the links, sorry I couldn't compress them:

Plotting - You either take it in the front, or in the rear. (irysangel)

Keeping Your Promises (saetter)

When is a self-published book not self-published? (karen_w_newton)
In Plain Sight (Charlotte Phillips)

What's Your Submission Strategy? (a_r_williams)

Writing Short (Michael Ehart)

Agent Advice: Chris Morehouse of Dunham Literary (litagentguide)

Writing as a house (namelessarchon)

Publicity and Book Reviews (charlesatan)

The Writers’ Corner (Gerard Houarner)

Proofreading and the Hilarity in the Lack Thereof (Marvin D. Wilson)

On submissions guidelines (nephele)

It's Not About You (mmerriam)

How I Got My Agent – Lisa Janice Cohen (litagentguide)

Letters from the query wars (arcaedia)

What I Love [about the submission process] (mikandra)

Why I Begin With The End (aaronpolson)

Agents = People. Not fish (stacia_kane)

5 More Ways for Writers to Market Themselves (the_flea_king)

If you have a particular favorite among these, or you have a link to a great post that isn't here, please let me know.


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