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Ten important truths every writer should know.

As an almost successful, career writer (I only need to make another $1,000,000 or so to become wealthy from it ), I've learned some important truisms about the craft over the years.  With your permission, I'd like to share some of them with you:

1.  In writing, there are exceptions to every rule, except the one about adhering to submission guidelines. 


2.  Despite what they may say to the contrary, EVERY writer uses an outline. It’s just that, for some, it’s their entire first draft. 


3.  Your writing is never as good, or as bad, as you think. 


4.  If you don’t care about receiving a rejection letter from someone, you shouldn’t have submitted your work there in the first place.


5.  Writing a novel without first studying the craft of writing is like building a house without using a tape measure; it can be done, but the results won’t be anywhere near as good as they might have been.



6.  Books on writing contain secret information that only reveals itself during the second and subsequent readings. 


7.  Running a spelling check on your word processor, does not count as a re-write or revision.


8.  If you don’t back up your files and keep them in a safe place, one day you WILL regret it.


9.  If you can read something you wrote a year ago, and still think it’s perfect, you’re either a fantastic writer, or you haven’t learned much in the past twelve months.
10.  Sorry, as much as you may love American chocolate, British chocolate tastes better.  



Okay, so that last one isn’t about writing.  I figured if you got to here, the chances are you can come up with you own tenth truism.  When you do, let me know.  I’d love to hear it.

PS:  If I've come across at all arrogant or condescending with this post, please accept my apologies.  It certainly wasn't my intent.  I am, of course, much too perfect to be like that, as anyone who knows me personally will no doubt confirm ;)  

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