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Share a quote from your characters

One of my favorite things about being a writer is that I get to put words in other people's mouths. Dialogue in fiction has a lot of work to do. Sure, it lets the reader know what’s going on and shows how characters feel about their current situation, but it does so much more. What characters say, and the way they say it, can give us an insight into their personality, at least, it should.
Here are some quotes from my characters:
"I despise people like you. You think abusing an old lady makes you look like a big man? Big bully more like. Well, you don't scare me." Aggie Cranbrook (Fur-Face).
"You've been watching too many spy movies. This is Little Chumberry not Hollywood. You can't just switch on someone else's computer and instantly find what you're looking for. There'd be passwords." Carmen, Aggie’s 13-yr-old granddaughter (Fur-Face).
“People who cross me, rarely live long enough to regret it.” - Benedict Barnum (Fur-Face).
“Your hair needs a trim, human, and I certainly wouldn't wear those shoes with that color tie if I were you!” - Mr. Tinkles, a gorilla (Fur-Face).
“Di Wayling? That’s not a name, that’s a horrible way to go” - Snowy, a cat (Barnum’s Revenge).
“Escape now, throw up later.”-  Jack Thunder (Waking up Jack Thunder)
“Oh Lord, how thick is this one?” - Gran, a ghost (Dead Doris)
“You ever play a trick like that on me again and the next time you see this [wand] will be on one of your x-rays.” - Kimberley, aged 12 (Dead Doris
How about you?
What have your characters been saying, and what does their dialogue say about them?
Care to share a quote or two?

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