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Silence those doubters once and for all

Are you sick of people smirking when you tell them you're a writer?

Are you tired of folks asking if you're serious about your 'little hobby'?

Now you can shut them up without saying a single word. Just smile back at them over your I are a writer! mug and watch those smug grins morph into looks of amazement. 


Between now and the end of this month, I'm offering a special deal for all my American friends. Order my  I are a writer! mug/Fur-Face CD combo* for yourself or a friend between now and January 31st 2011 and get it delivered anywhere in the USA for just $9.99! (including tax and P&P) - usual price $12.99.

Live outside the United States? Don't worry, order between now and the end of this month and you too can have your very own mug and CD, delivered anywhere outside the USA for the price of postage plus 5.00 USD (quote available on request).

If you've got a special deal you'd like to offer folks, like a discounted price or a signed copy of your book etc, feel free to add a link to it in a comment below

 All CDs ordered as part of this offer also qualify for entry in the Win-A-Kindle prize draw.


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