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What writing conferences/workshops will you attend in 2011

One of the best books on writing I've ever come across is Writing the Breakout Novel.
I've recommended it on this blog and elsewhere on many occasions, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that the man who wrote it, author and agent, Donald Maass, will be running an 8-hour teaching session based on his most excellent book (in addition to other presentations), as part of the pre-conference workshop at this year's Write Stuff (March 24-26, Allentown, PA), organized by the Greater Lehigh Valley Writer's Group.

Registration doesn't open for another week or so, but if you'd like to get a taste of what else the good folks at GLVWG, have in store for the lucky attendees, click here to peruse this year's 'Honored Guests' page. They also have a blog, on which you can read interviews with some of the guests and announcements about the event.

I'll be there for sure. If it's anything like as good as last year's Jim Frey workshop (click here to read my post on what I learned from that one), I'll be more than satisfied.

How about you?

What conferences do you plan to attend this year?

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