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There's good news and bad news

First the bad news. No picks of the week today, due to it being Christmas Eve.

Now the good news. According to my confidential source up at the North Pole (who works at the hot chocolate dispensary in the grotto), a few short minutes ago, dozen's of near-frozen elves returned from a night's hard digging over at runway 3, where Santa's little helpers have worked tirelessly, clearing the way for this year's take-off.

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology (and the good folks at NORAD and Google), we can now keep tabs on the portly philanthropist as he makes his way around the world at super-duper speed*.

If you think you made it onto the nice list this year, and you'd like to watch his progress, click on the banner above to follow the cunningly disguised GPS transmitter, hidden in Rudolf's nose. 

Take-off is at 6:00am (US/Eastern).

Don't stay up too late.

* for the technically-minded, that's even faster than MACH 124! 

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