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What's the best new TV show this year?

A couple of good TV shows caught my eye this year. The first, Leverage, has actually been around for a couple of seasons, but I hadn't seen it until the summer. 

It's a kind of lighthearted cross between Mission Impossible and The Equalizer, but with less explosions and lots more fun.

Good as it is, though, it's no match for my choice of the best TV show of the year, the excellent Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberpatch and Martin Freeman as a twenty-first century Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.


Sadly, they've only made three episodes so far, and though I've heard plenty of rumors about a second season, now that Martin Freeman's signed on as Bilbo Baggins, it may take a while before we see this particular Sherlock again.

On the other hand, I can't be too upset. After all, Freeman's an excellent choice to play Bilbo, and who doesn't want to see what Peter Jackson can do with The Hobbit

How about you?

What new TV shows tickled your fancy in 2010? 


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