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Interesting Blog Posts From the Last Week

I enjoy reading blog posts about writing, writers, and the publishing industry as a whole .  Many are full of insightful ideas/comments.  I picked some out from among the hundreds I read during the last week.  The links below are to ones I found particularly interesting, or made me lol, out loud.   




Death to All Line-Editing: Maggie's Epic Critiquing/ Editing Post  (m_stiefvater)


The Future of Kindle (arcaedia)


The Question at Hand: YA vs MG (eclectic_writer)


Writers Should not Blog About Writing (the_flea_king)


Publisher Reaches out to Authors (april_henry)


George R.R.Martin is not your bitch, but I might be.(seanan_mcguire)


Entitlement Issues - aka George R. R. Martin is not Your Bitch (Neil Gaiman)

This was posted on May 12th, but I only read it this week.


Letting go [of manuscripts that won’t sell] (genreality)


Looking for Clues (Nalo Hopkinson) - referred by coyotegoth


5 Rejection Horror Stories (the_flea_king)


On Gender, Confusion of (ilona_andrews)


How to Write a Great First Draft (by L. J. Sellers)


What’s the Perfect Blurb? (peadarog)


Friday Five – The ‘Signs’ edition (brian_ohio)


Lean and Mean Writing (by L. J. Sellers)


You Can’t Catch a Fish Without a Hook (a_r_williams)


I hope you find some of these interesting and/or useful. If you do, please let me know. I plan to produce a similar list on a weekly basis. 

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