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Yesterday (day two of PhilCon) was great fun. I met some excellent people in the dealers' room (some of them even bought Fur-Face).

My 1st chapter critique was an interesting, and overall positive experience. If they do it again next year, I highly recommend it. I learned a lot, but more on that another time.

Last night, I took part in the GSHW reading. Considering the event wasn't listed in the PhilCon events flyer (nor mentioned on the PhilCon noticeboard outside the room), we had a reasonable number of people there. It says a lot for the diversity of our group that the six readings covered fantasy, vampires, horror, dark fantasy, zombie erotica (yes, I really said that) and a middle grade story about a bot with a talking cat that no one else can here.

My first official reading, so I felt a little nervous, but folks seemed to enjoy the excerpt I'd chosen (if you've read the book, I read the scene where Snowy fakes an injury to get himself and Billy into the animal research center). They laughed in all the right places and nobody threw anything, so I call that a win.

Another late night, chatting with friends old and new.

The con finishes up this afternoon. I've had a blast, I hope your weekend's been fun too.

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