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Reporting live from PhilCon

Got to the Crowne Plaze hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, about an hour ago for this year's PhilCon. As I unloaded my car, a 17-yr-old girl managed to turn her car into the kerb, knackering the front, passenger wheel.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but it's not the kind of thing I need to see right now, what with my son taking his driving lessons and all.

I checked in to my room, got changed, then registered at the Con. I've already met up with a couple of friends in the dealers room, though the local charmer with the floor map made me feel about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. Still, I guess it takes all sorts.

I'm heading back down now. If you're planning on popping in, I'll be in the dealers' room at the GSHW table (in the middle, near the back), along with some of my GSHW pals, then at the reception later.

Jon Gibbs, signing out

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