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Yay! It’s the start of M&M Week


Back in May, I thought it might be fun to host some kind of networking tea and crumpets/soda and chips event here on An Englishman in New Jersey, where people could meet other folks with the same kind of writing interests. 

I called it Mix and Mingle week.

It was a lot of fun, so I thought I'd do another one.

Here’s how it works:
I’m very lucky to have lots of talented, wisdomous, writerly friends. Many of these good people share common interests, but don’t know each other...yet. Not all of them are on Live Journal. Some have accounts (or in the case of LJ users, additional accounts) on Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot etc.

If you’re interested in making some new writer friends, share a few words about yourself and your writing, along with a link to your website, Wordspace, Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter accounts etc. where folks can find out more about you and your work, then add/follow/friend you on the relevant platforms if they so desire.

If you don’t have an LJ account, you can still take part via an anonymous comment, but don’t forget to include your name. 

Of course, it’s up to you, but this is ‘Mix and Mingle’ not ‘Find a Fan’ week, so I recommend sticking to general info: how long you’ve been writing; what you usually blog about; preferred genre; favorite authors etc. 

As for me, I’m looking forward to finding out more about my friends. 

Have fun. Now, where did I put those teabags?



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Nov. 2nd, 2010 02:03 pm (UTC)

How might you feel about drawing a dozen-or-so illustrations for an unpublished novel?
(Polite silence would be a very clear answer.)

This particular novel concerns the Eighth Air Force's October 1943 Schweinfurt mission,
and if you've ever seen the drawings Evelyn Waugh made
for many of his novels, you know what I have in mind;
if not, the sort of drawings an old Jewish man
might doodle in his notebook/diary,
or might have doodled when he was a twenty-something B-17 pilot.

I'm not in a position to pay much of a commission,
and I cannot guarantee that the drawings would actually be used,
but if they are, you'd get whatever the publisher would normally pay an illustrator,
and in the meantime, you'd be free to do whatever you want with the drawings.

If you feel inclined to read the novel,
flist me, and I can put you on the filter.

If not, at the risk of being redundant,
silence is a perfectly good, perfectly clear, response.
Nov. 2nd, 2010 08:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the offer, but I'm only drawing my own stuff now -- and I barely have time to do that as it is!

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No longer in print but there are still some copies floating around out there



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