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My very first author panel/Q&A

Here in the US, November 1st is National Author's Day. This year it falls on a Monday. I'll be celebrating by taking part in my very first author panel/Q&A at the Monmouth County Library (HQ), Manalapan, NJ.

I organized it through the New Jersey Authors' Network (the free to join/free to use network I set up in 2008, for authors based in and near the Garden State to connect and work together).

There'll be six of us in all:

Jon Gibbs (moderator), Sandy Nicks, Stephen D. Matthews, Lee Barwood, Wallace Ecklof and Neal Levin (aka dqg_neal

The theme for evening:
From Thoughts to Print: Getting Your Book Published

It's been a long time since I've appeared in a public event, and this will be my first without a band to back me up and a microphone to hide behind. I'm really looking forward to it - I just hope I don't forget the words.

It starts at 7:00pm, if you can make it, I'd love to see you there.

How about you?

What are your plans for National Authors' Day?


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