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Share a link to your very first blog post

You sometimes hear about the anguish suffered by newly-published authors on release day as they check their Amazon rankings every five minutes, but if you ask me, that's nothing compared to what we bloggers go through when we first start out:

'Nobody's commented! Where is everybody? I posted it nearly ten minutes ago. Don't they know I spent ages on that first blog entry?'

It's even worse if you have a stat counter of some kind:

'No visitors! This is awful! And so unfair. They'll be sorry, every last one of them. Just you wait and see'

Of course, that second one might be just me. The thing is, when you first start your online journal, you see all these great blog posts everywhere and it's easy to assume those folks always knew what to say and always had plenty of online friends. The truth is, most of us didn't.

I remember my first ever blog post. Boy was I nervous. I'm very lucky that my GSHW friend, Neal Levin (aka dqg_neal) took the time to post a comment. It gave me the confidence to keep blogging.

I thought it might be fun to see how other people started out.

I'll start the ball rolling. Here's a link to my first ever blog post, made back in January 11th of last year.  If you'd like to take part, just leave a link to your very first/oldest surviving blog post in the comments. 

How about you?

Care to share? 

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