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The Critiquer's Promise: update

As I mentioned yesterday, I got totally derailed this week. One of my daughters got sick on Tuesday (nothing too serious, but it kept her home from school). It's always a difficult time when the girls get ill, because they can't tell me where it hurts, or even that they don't feel well. Turns out she had a bad sinus infection, which I know from experience is extremely painful.

She's on the mend now, but I lost the better part of three days, which means I’m playing catch-up.

I’d planned to start polling the suggestions for The Critiquer’s Promise today, but I’m still behind, so I’ve put that off till at least next weekend.

On the bright side, that means you can still throw your suggestions into the mix if you haven’t already done so.

If you'd like to help me create THE CRITIQUER'S PROMISE, just leave your suggestion(s) in a comment below (or at the original post). 

Please phrase your suggestion in the form of a promise eg:

I will remember that my role as critiquer is to help you improve your story, not to rewrite it as if it were my own.    

Next weekend, I'll post everyone's proposals over at FAWG (The Live Journal community for in the form of a poll, so people can vote for the items they'd like to see included in the promise. 

If your suggestion gets voted in, I'll include it in the final 'document', along with your name and a link to your website/blog.  Also, if you can come up with a better name than 'THE CRITIQUER'S PROMISE', I'll be happy to put that to the vote too.

If you don't have an LJ account, you can still leave an anonymous comment, just remember to add your name and a link to your blog or website.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend. I've got a day of shopping, ironing and editing Waking up Jack Thunder ahead of me.

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