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As part of my never-ending quest for world domination increased book sales, I'm proud to announce:

The FUR-FACE eBook on a CD/I are a writer! mug promotion

Delivered anywhere in the USA for $12.95 (incl tax and P&P)
I'm selling signed copies of the Fur-Face eBook-on-a-CD and I are a writer! mug together at personal appearances and events like next month's PhilCon for
$6 (incl tax).  People seem to like the idea, so I'm making the promotion available online too. 

It took a lot longer to figure out than I thought, but after six hours, I finally managed to organize a webpage for the promotion on my website. 

There's a one-size-fits-all price for deliveries in the US ($12.95), but if you live outside the states, I'd be happy to sort something out.
If you visit the page and have any helpful suggestions or spot any mistakes, I'd appreciate you letting me know.

In other Fur-Face news, the Win-A-Kindle contest is still going strong, and the Nook version of Fur-Face is at last available for download at Barnes & Noble's website. 

I'm always interested in book-promotion methods, whether it's to help sales by doing multi-author signings like the ones organized through The New Jersey Authors Network, or some clever idea made up by individual authors. 

How about you?

What book promotions have caught your eye in the past?

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