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Ellen Datlow and the holiday weekend

This morning, I'm off to the latest
GSHW meeting at the East Brunswick Library in New Jersey, where award winning editor, Ellen Datlow (aka [info]ellen_datlow*), will give a talk on 'How to "Impress an Editor" & sell fiction in today's volatile publishing industry'.  

Ellen's trophy cabinet is about the size of a U-Haul trailer, so you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be taking plenty of notes.


meeting's are open to the public, so if you'd like to come along, we'd love to see you there (Ellen's presentation starts at noon).

After the post-meeting chinwag at the local diner, my critique group will slink off to a corner table to tear apart each other's work offer constructive critiques on each other's offerings.

Other than that I've got a quiet few days here in the US, where it's a Bank Holiday weekend, in honor of that famous American detective, Columbo.


We really should see about having a 'Sherlock Holmes Day' back in England. 

How about you?

What are your plans for the weekend?  


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