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A contest of sorts

My latest column over at YAAYNO (YA Authors You've Never Heard of) is called, 'The Critiquee's Charter.'

Taken from a post I made back in the summer of '09, it contains a list of twelve 'rules' to follow when you're on the receiving end of a critique.  Actually, there are only eleven of them - I left #12 blank for folks to add their own suggestions.  I think it could prove to be a useful tool for critique newbies and veterans alike.

Later this month, I'm going to post it on the website, along with people's favorite suggestion for the missing #12 (to be chosen by an LJ poll, over on the FAWG LJ community).  I'll include any suggestions made in the comments at the YAAYNO site by noon on Wednesday, October 6th 2010 (US/Eastern).

Naturally, I'll credit the person who comes up with it (and link to their website or blog) on site.

If you'd like to read the list and come up with your own #12, here's a link to the post


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