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Wish me luck

Today's the big day.  I'm testing out my cunning 'Put the Fur-Face eBook formats on a CD and people might want to buy it at regular book-type events instead of downloading it from Amazon or' plan to the test at 
The Ocean County Book Festival.  It's runs from 11:00am - 3:00pm at 101, Washington Street, Tom's River, New Jersey - click here for the official Book Fest promo flyer). 

The organizers tell me they expect a big turnout, but I'll be with a bunch of people I already know, so I'm not expecting shyness to cause me any problems. 

There are some cool folks on the billing, including the guys from The Onion

I'm sharing tables with a bunch of equally cool friends; Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Wallace Ecklof, Gary Frank, John Grant, Jeff Markowitz, Stephen Mattews, Mike McPhailKim (K. T.) Pinto and Pamela Scoville,  from the GSHW,and the New Jersey Authors' Network.
If you decide to come along,I'd be delighted to see you there.

Here's the CD:

It has the ePUB, PDF and HTML versions on it and sells for $2.99 (including NJ tax).  I thought it might look a little lonely on the table by itself, so I got some mugs made up at Staples to sell in a combination '$10:00 for both' deal:


If you could spare a moment to send some positive thoughts my way, I'd appreciate it.

So, that's me sorted, how about you?

What are you up to this weekend?

ETA:  Thank you so much for all the positive thoughts.  It was a beautiful day, lots of people came.  I met with some old  friends and made some new ones, sold some CDs, sold some CD & Mug combos.  

All in all, a grand day out :)

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