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The Circus of Brass and Bone

As some of you may know, Abra Staffin Wiebe (aka [info]cloudscudding) recently had some bad news.  Her mother was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian and endometrial cancer. 

Abra tells me it's treatable--though the odds of recovery are not great. Her mother was working at a school in India at the time of diagnosis, so she doesn't have health insurance. Her parents came back to the U.S. for treatment, so they've both given up their jobs.

These fine people have spent much of their lives working to help others--working with farmers in Africa and teaching in India--so they don't really have anything in the way of a savings cushion.

In an effort to help raise money for treatment, Abra has set up a crowdfunding project, THE CIRCUS OF BRASS AND BONEa crowdfunded steampunk serial story which follows a circus traveling through the collapse of civilization.

You can read online or download the podcast to get your apocalypse fix! (

I'f you'd care to make a donation, you can do so via the website link in the picture.

I'm sure you'll join me in wishing Abra every success with her fundraising efforts and a full and speedy recovery for her mother.

ETA:  My apologies to anyone who tried to connect to the PayPal link I gave.  It seems you have to get to it via the website.

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