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What’s your favorite musical?

Being a manly man who’s not afraid to show his emotions, I’m quite happy to admit that I love a good musical. I don’t mean Disney-type musicals, which (though excellent in their own right) I tend to think of as movies with songs in them. I’m talking about your proper, singing/dancing/almost all the story’s told through song type of affair.
Here are my top three: 
3: Phantom of the Opera (the stage show NOT the awful movie version) 
This was a close call because I also love West Side Story (1961) and if they remake that movie without screwing it up the way folks did with The Phantom, it may well make it back into my top three. For the moment though, I’m going with the stage version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s amazing take on Gaston Leroux’s 1909 novel. 
2: Moulin Rouge (2001)
Even better than the beautiful story with a tragic ending, was the imaginative use of classic songs (often interwoven) and the original track, Come What May, in my opinion, one of the best love songs ever. Who’d have thought a Jedi could sing so well?

1: Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1999)
More for kid’s than grown-ups? Maybe. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, this delightful take on the Old Testament stories never fails to entertain. I’d already seen and loved the stage show years before. Donny Osmond was an inspired choice for the title role, and unlike the movie versions of Lloyd-Webbers other musicals, this one came out even better than the stage show.  

ETA:  Senior Management has pointed out that I also like Calamity Jane (1953), which is very true.   The stage version has a really great song, Tell us another one, in which the rest of the cast pull Jane's leg about her storytelling, which wasn't in the movie. 
How about you?
What’s your favorite musical?   


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Aug. 28th, 2010 11:08 am (UTC)
Sweeney Todd has been my favorite for years, but Wicked is also on my list.
Aug. 28th, 2010 11:08 am (UTC)
My wife absolutely loved Wicked when it came through Birmingham a couple years ago.
Aug. 28th, 2010 12:17 pm (UTC)
I never saw Sweeney Todd on the stage, did the movie do it justice?
Aug. 28th, 2010 09:35 pm (UTC)
It's hard to live up to the show I saw in Philadelphia with Angela Lansbury, George Hearn, and a lot of the original cast. (I also had the cast album, which I listened to every time I drove between home and college, so had memorized.)

For a movie adaptation, I guess it was good. They kept most of the script and score intact, even improved some of the orchestration, in my opinion. But most of the voices were pretty weak. Johnny Depp sounded like a bad imitation of David Bowie. No comparison with the booming voices of George Hearn or Len Cariou. And Helena Bonham Carter is no Angela Lansbury.

Oh you shouldn't have gotten me started on this...

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