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Less than one week to go!

It's hard to believe that nearly three months have passed since the launch of my debut novel, Fur-Face.  Nevertheless, here we are in the last week of the launch promotion.


An evil scientist with a dastardly invention.
A cruel billionaire with a diabolical plan.
What stands in their way?
Two teenagers and one amazing cat.

The bad guys don't stand a chance!

August 31st is the last day to qualify for entry in round 6 of the THFHMPF (Thanks For Helping Me Promote Fur-Face) prize draw (Round 5 winners were Sean hayden, who wins a Quake eBook of his choice AND a Gentleman Jones CD (his name came out twice), and Derrick Ferguson, who also wins a CD).

If you'd like to enter for this last round,
click here for more details.

August 31st also marks the end of the official launch promotion.  Prizes up for grabs include: 

An I are a writer! mug, like the one I'm holding in the photo:
(click on the photo for a closer look at the mug)

The chance to name one of three characters from  Barnum's Revenge (the sequel to Fur-Face).

Six runners-up will win
a Quake eBook of their choice.

Ten more runners-up will receive a copy of the Gentleman Jones Fur-Face special edition CD.

The main draw is open to anyone who buys a copy of Fur-Face up until midnight on August 31st, but if you bought the book AND helped me promote it, your entries from the THFHMPF draw are also added to the main one. 

If you've already bought Fur-Face, make sure you send me the receipt ( so you don't miss out on a chance to win.  If you haven't bought it yet, there's still time to get in on the action.  You can find it at ($2.99) or read a sample chapter first at ($2.99).  

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