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Desert Island DVDs

I love making lists.  Sometimes, just for the sheer hell of it (sad, strange little man that I am).  

Like this one I made for my choice of DVDs I'd like to have with me in the event I ever got stranded on a desert island with plenty of food, shelter, a solar powered TV/DVD player and my own choice of three movies and one TV series to keep me entertained. 

Right away I decided to cheat and count Peter Jackson's excellent LoTR trilogy (special editions of course) as just one movie.

Then I chose Galaxy Quest because it's just so darn excellent.

Until recently, my last movie choice would have been Without A Clue, a brilliantly funny Sherlock Holmes spoof, starring Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley,

but since I've seen it four times since Christmas, I think I have to go with the latest Star Trek movie

As for the TV show, it has to Joss Whedon's fabulous, fantastic Firefly.  If ever there was a perfect TV show, filled with great stories, clever dialogue and amazing characters, this is it.

 and yes, I'd find a way to sneak Serenity in there too.

How about you?

Which Desert Island DVDs would you choose?

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