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I'm giving away a brand new Kindle

As far as I can tell, promoting a book is a bit like telling a long story.  After a while, you have to inject something new and interesting into the mix or people get bored, which is why I've decided to give away a brand new Kindle.

Whether I give away the $139 Kindle or the one with 3G will be down to the winner.

I'd love to go into precise details about how to enter etc, but unfortunately, I've spent a good chunk of the weekend removing viruses from my daughters' laptops, which has put me a long way behind.

I'll post the specifics tomorrow**.  In the meantime, here's a picture (and a built-in link to Amazon's Kindle info page) to be going on with:


   Will you win the Kindle?

**ETA:  It's now tomorrow, but I'm afraid I'm probably not going to manage to post the details until today's tomorrow ie:Tuesday.  My apologies.
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