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This is why we do it, right?

Now that Fur-Face has been out a couple of weeks, I'm starting to get some readerly responses.  I've had some lovely emails, as well as some very kind star ratings and reviews, but today I got my first ever target-audience related feedback.
A work friend of Senior Management (who I've never met) bought Fur-Face for her daughter at the weekend.  This morning, her friend sent this lovely email:

'M. started reading [Fur-Face] after dinner last night.  Since she started, I couldn't take her away from the computer - she chose to read Jon's book instead of doing an evening walk with mom.  I had to force her to stop at 9:30pm to go to bed.  She is up to page 74 and begs me to print the book for her to bring to school to read during breaks.  Let Jon know she loves it!' 

To say I'm chuffed doesn't do it justice.

In related news, Fur-Face, still sits atop the Best Seller list at (for the fifteenth day in a row).

On Sunday, I'll be announcing the random winners of the first
'Thanks-for-helping-me-promote-Fur-Face' prize draw.  Up for grabs is a Quake eBook of your choice, with two runners-up getting a copy of the GENTLEMAN JONES special edition CD.

I've tried to make a note of everyone who's posted the book trailer, promoted/reviewed and/or generally pimped Fur-Face online, but if you want to sure you're included, please send me a link (either as a comment or by email to

I'll be sending out the Spirit of Adventure mp3s to folks who emailed me their receipts for Fur-Face this afternoon.  If you'd like to be entered in the main promotion (prizes include an exclusive 'I are a writer' mug, the chance to name one of three characters in Barnum's Revenge (book two in the series), one of six Quake eBooks of your choice, and of ten more GENTLEMAN JONES CDs) just forward me your receipt:

All in all, I'm having a grand day.

How are things with you?

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