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A much-needed kick in the bum

I'm all set for the Write Stuff conference in Bethelehem, PA tomorrow and Saturday.  This is my third conference (I attended 2007's Book expo of America in New York, and last year's Write Stuff).  If the previous two are anything to go by, I know I'll make a bunch of new friends, learn a heck of a lot, and have great fun. 

I also know that, as in previous years, I'll go into the conference feeling confident (after all, I've worked hard and learned a lot in the last twelve months).  That feeling will have changed dramatically by Saturday evening, by which time I'll have learned a whole lot more, but also come down to earth with a bump following the realisation that,  without even noticing, I've been coasting for a while, and what's more, though I may have come a long way in the last year, there's so much that I still have to learn.  
By the time I get home, I expect that fleeting moment of self-doubt to be replaced with a steely determination to get a finger out and make something happen for myself.  Starting with (I hope) the posting of my Middle Grade novel, Fur-Face, to an interested editor/agent/publisher.

I don't know about other writers, but for me, a writers' conference gives me a much-needed kick in the bum.
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