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My 100-word story, SNAKE EYES, is up at FLASHSHOT

In all the excitement of meeting Neil Clarke (of Clarkesworld Magazine fame) at yesterday's GSHW meeting, I completely forgot to announce that my 100-word story, SNAKE EYES, was up at FLASHSHOT

Fortunately, they do a 'Last ten stories' page.  You'll have to scroll down a smidge, but f you'd like to read it, you can find it HERE.  This particular drabble holds a special place in my writerly heart because, aside from being the first 100-word story I ever wrote, it was also my first writing 'success' - it won the flash fiction contest at the 2009 Write Stuff conference.

In other news, my debut novel, Fur-Face, continues to do well at, where it currently holds the #1 position on the site's Top-Seller list for the twelfth day in a row.

I'm extremely grateful to everyone who's bought the eBook.  It's almost enough to wipe away the shame of yesterdays England vs. USA soccer result/.

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