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Yay! It's SUWYG (Show Us What You Got) week!

I’ve been wondering how to celebrate the launch of my debut novel, Fur-Face (currently #1 on’s best seller list for the sixth day in a row), then it hit me. What better way to share my good fortune with all my online friends than to invite them to share their own successes here on An Englishman in New Jersey.

With that in mind,
I’m delighted to announce the start of SUWYG (Show Us What You Got) week.

Here’s how it works:

If you’ve got a book to sell; online story for folks to read; good news to share; blog post/website you’re proud of, or anything else which you’d like to promote, post a brief description and a link to it/them in the comments for other folks to see. You can list as many things as you like, but make sure you put your favorite first, because that’s the one I’ll paste a link to below.

Anonymous comments are welcome, so don’t worry if you’re not on LJ, just make sure you add your name at the bottom of your comment, so folks know who you are.

I think that’s everything. If you have any questions, let me know. In the meantime, have fun, and Happy SUWYG week everyone!

[info]lysythe has a story about a girl and the what-she-thinks-is-love of her (short) life: Memories of You

Rose Lemberg (aka
[info]grayrose76) has a flash fiction, Kifli
, up at Strange Horizons today.

Gustavo Bondoni (aka bondo_ba*)has a story, Eyes in the Vastness of Forever, up at the Innsmouth Free Press.

Ruth Long(aka
)'s second novel, Soul Fire, is out now in both eBook and print.

Heidi Alfonzo (aka
[info]iamtheelfinpoet) has two poetry anthologies available, one of them is called My Gift to You.

Stacey Danielle Stephens aka
[info]msstacy13) has a lot of her work available, including an anthology, The Bohemian Girl and Other Stories.

Brian Kell (aka
[info]brian_ohio) has recently started a joint-venture website with some other middle-grade authors,

Deirdre Murphy (aka
[info]wyld_dandelyon) has a flash fiction, Feather-Blessed, up on her blog.

Derrick Ferguson (aka [info]dferguson) has a ‘James Bond meets Cthulhu’ novel, Dillon and the Legend of the Golden Bell, available at

Matt Cowens (aka [info]mattcowens) co-wrote a horror novel, The Event, available at

Kelly Fineman (aka kellyrfineman) is currently hosting a 'Brush up Your Shakespeare' month.

Phil Giunta (aka pgiunta) has a paranormal mystery novel, 'Testing the Prisoner' available from (and

My friend and Release-Day buddy, Catherine Schaff-Stump (aka cathschaffstump) also has a new book out. It's called 'Hulk Hercules Professional Wrestler'.

Elizabeth Anne Ensley (aka snapes_angel) has a story, 'EYE SEE YOU' up at Streaming Meemies.

Elizabeth Inglee-Richards (aka bodgie) has a story, 'DRESSED IN BURGUNDY' up at LJ's storytellersong community.

Mia Brookes (aka drudhani) has an eBook, 28 Hours available from Solstice Publishing.

Keep 'em coming!

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